Serving You and Supporting our Veterans

There’s no hiding the difficult job market. Unfortunately, many of America’s best heroes are facing the hardest struggle to land a job. Despite months (and sometimes years) of searching, resume posting, and interviews, our veterans feel the uncomfortable heat of unemployment.

Quality Services Moving is veteran owned and operated, so we understand the value of hiring military members and their family.

“There’s a sense of professionalism and integrity that is unique to veteran employees and veteran owned companies like us,” says Sales Consultant Craig Little.

He’s spot-on too. Little discussed further the no man left behind attitude of the executive team, stressing how important every employee is appreciated and how every customer is valued.

“They take care of us here,” says Amanda Card wife of an active duty Marine. “When I learned that the company was veteran owned, I knew there would be a level of respect that wouldn’t be matched elsewhere.”

And she’s right. Quality Services Moving employees are held to specific standards, including timeliness, work ethic and integrity. Only a percentage of applicants are offered jobs at QSMoving and it’s because there’s a professional expectation of their work.

CEO Ed graves said, “Being a veteran myself, I see our customers benefiting from the increased level of professionalism that a past affiliation with the armed forces instills in the people that are a part of this company. “

Of the employees offered positions at Quality Services Moving, a high percentage of them are veterans, or spouses of veterans.

Card says, “I see the pride these veterans have, not just in their career with Quality Services Moving, but also their pride for being a veteran, and the pride they have for their country. It reminds me that I’m surrounded by highly qualified and dedicated professionals.”

She adds, “It’s unfortunate that the job market doesn’t value veterans like we do. We’re happy to support our veterans, as they have served us.”

Quality Services Moving recently teamed with the US Chamber of Commerce to “Commit to Hire,” a program that encourages companies to hire veterans and their spouses.