The Top Home Staging Tips To Help You Sell Your Home

When it comes to staging your Virginia home to attract potential buyers, first impressions are key. While staging your home may seem like a daunting task, it’s one of the first opportunities you get to truly ‘wow’ potential homebuyers. At Quality Services Moving & Delivery, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners successfully stage their homes to sell more quickly. If you need a little help to set your home up for buying success, consider the top home staging tips below.

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Since the exterior of your home is the first thing people see when they drive up to view your property, it’s important to ensure your home’s exterior is in top shape. If you really want to lure onlookers to your property, consider the following:

  • Power wash your home’s siding and walkways. This will help remove any dirt and debris that has been collected on your siding and will provide your visitors with a clear walkway to your front door.
  • Hang easy-to-read house numbers. Even if you have tiny house number stickers on your mailbox, potential homebuyers are likely to miss them while scouring the neighborhood for your home. When you invest in large house numbers to hang above your front door or near the entrance of your home, you’ll never have to worry about visitors becoming frustrated trying to find your property.
  • Make sure your landscape is freshly cut and tended to. While many potential homebuyers won’t hold an unruly lawn or garden against you, they will have a harder time envisioning themselves living at your home unless your landscape looks well-kept.
  • Wash your home’s front windows so onlookers have a clear view of the interior of your home. Chances are, your potential buyers will want to see your home from all angles, and unless your windows are sparkly clean, they won’t be able to peer in through the windows.

Get Rid Of Clutterdreamstime_xxl_21157975

If you’re serious about staging your home, all clutter must go. At Quality Services Moving & Delivery in Lorton, our professional movers understand how difficult it can be to remove cherished belongings from your home, even for a short period of time. When homebuyers come to view your property, they’ll want to be able to envision themselves living in your home. If your family room or kitchen looks like it should be on the next episode of Hoarders, your visitors will have a hard time breaking through the clutter.

If you need help packing up your belongings to make more space and room in your home, contact our experts today. We will help you safely pack up your valuables and bring them to our climate-controlled storage facility while you stage and show your home. Once your home has been sold and you’re ready to move to your new home, our moving experts will transport your belongings to their new destination.

Proper Kitchen Appeal & Decor

Your Virginia home’s kitchen is one of the biggest selling points of your home and should be a major focus when you stage your house. If your kitchen has beautiful granite countertops that are currently being covered up by mail, magazines, or cereal bowls, clear everything off except for one or two decorative items. If your kitchen appliances haven’t been scrubbed clean in a while, we recommend seriously evaluating the condition of your refrigerator, oven, stove, and dishwasher. Can they look new again with a quick scrubbing? Or is it a better investment to upgrade your old appliances with new stainless steel models? Whatever route you decide to go, your potential homebuyers will appreciate that you took the time to tidy up your kitchen!

Make Your Master Bedroom Gender Neutral

When it comes to decorating your master bedroom, ditch those floral pillow shams or NASCAR bed sheets and opt for gender-neutral decor. You don’t want your bedroom style to cater to only one gender, as this can be off-putting for many potential homebuyers. If you plan on repainting your master bedroom, opt for sophisticated neutral colors to create a relaxing and subtle background. If you have a large closet in your master bedroom, consider packing up the clothes you don’t plan on wearing this season and storing them elsewhere to make your closets appear larger and more spacious. If you really want to make an impression, swap out all of your mismatched clothes hangers for a set of classy, wooden ones. This will give your closet a clean and streamlined look that your visitors will love.

Make Your Living Room Glow

When it comes to decorating your living room, symmetry is always pleasing to the eye. Try to keep a consistent balance of accent pillows and table lamps so the room feels neat and organized. If you have a viewing on a gloomy day or later in the afternoon, consider giving your living room a glow by turning on various lamps and lights. You’ll also want your living room to feel spacious and uncluttered, so if there are pieces of furniture you can move elsewhere to give your living room a more open feel, we would advise you to do so.

If you need help staging your Virginia home to sell, contact the staging experts at Quality Services Moving & Delivery today!

Scrub & De-Grime Your Bathrooms

Your home’s bathrooms are one of the most important things potential buyers will look at, so it’s critical to make sure they sparkle. Take the time to scrub and sanitize everything in your bathroom, from the walls to the floors to the shower door. If your bathroom’s tiles are outdated, consider replacing them with a more appealing style or painting over them with latex paint. Remove all of the clutter from your countertops and hide all of your personal products such as medicine and razors. If you want to create a luxury spa look, invest in a fancy soap dispenser and fluffy white towels to give your bathroom a luxurious feel.

Dining Room Etiquette

To successfully stage your dining room, try to strike a balance between formal and casual. If you have a large wooden table as the focal point of your dining room, consider investing in an attractive table runner to place down the middle of your table. Feel free to add a few decorative elements such as a small vase or candle holder, but try not to overdo it with a hundred different trinkets. Set out some chic place settings around the table so your potential buyers can envision themselves entertaining guests in your home.

Quality Services Moving & Delivery is proud to be a leading provider of home staging and moving services across Virginia. Whether you plan on moving locally or long distance, our professional movers can help make your relocation a breeze. Contact us today to learn more about our moving services or call us to schedule a free moving estimate!