The Top 6 Long Distance Moving Tips

Whether you’re moving long distance to be closer to family or for a new career opportunity, moving to another state can be a very exciting time. In order to make your upcoming move a smooth one, it’s important to take the time to plan your move carefully to avoid unwanted pitfalls along the way. At Quality Services Moving in Northern Virginia, we’ve successfully helped thousands of families with the logistics of their long-distance move, providing personalized attention to each and every one of our clients. Our professional movers have compiled a list of the top six long-distance moving tips so you can be well-prepared for your long-distance move.

Long Distance Moving Tip #1: Plan Ahead

long-distance move is a major life event, and one of the best ways to make sure your move goes smoothly is to start planning ahead early. If you plan on hiring a professional moving company, start reaching out to movers in your area about three months before the big move. This can be especially helpful if you plan on moving in the summertime, as many moving companies tend to reach capacity during these months quickly. A few questions to ask yourself are:

  • What’s the maximum amount of money I can spend on my long-distance move?
  • Will I be able to transport any of my belongings in my own car, or will I be storing everything in a rental truck?
  • Do I need to purchase moving supplies such as boxes, markers, tape, and packing paper or will my movers provide them?

Long Distance Moving Tip #2: Get Organized

Once you have an idea of when you will be moving, it’s important to get organized right away. Many people find it helpful to prepare a binder or folder of documents related to their long-distance move. Your binder may contain items such as moving budget information, receipts, and moving checklists to help you prepare for your relocation. While there is a variety of moving costs associated with moving, below are some of the most common costs to consider.

  • The cost of cleaning professionals to clean your prior residence.
  • Hiring professional movers or renting a moving truck.
  • Moving boxes, tape, padding, and other supplies.
  • Travel costs for your long-distance move. This can include food, gas, and lodging.
  • The cost of closing or transferring your current heating and electric service.
  • Any vehicle maintenance needed before the move, such as an oil change.

Long Distance Moving Tip #3: Carefully Pack Your Belongings

During a long-distance move, it’s critical to pack your belongings safely to ensure nothing gets broken or damaged during transit. If you plan on packing all of your household belongings yourself, there are many tips to keep in mind, including:

  • Try to make sure that everything you put in moving boxes is packed to the brim, this will help to ensure that loose valuables aren’t jumping around and causing damage to other items.
  • Put heavier items at the bottom of boxes and lighter items on top. If you plan on loading the moving truck yourself, pack the heavier boxes first and place them towards the front of the truck for proper balance.
  • If there are any spaces or gaps in your boxes, try to fill them with soft items such as clothing, towels, or packing paper.
  • Try to avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box. This will help make the unpacking process quicker and easier.
  • Disassemble as many items as you can. If you can remove the feet or legs from furniture and remove lampshades from lamps, this can make moving these items significantly easier.
  • Label all of your moving boxes well and pack each room separately to avoid any confusion when it comes time to unpack.
    Use strong tape to seal your moving boxes. The last thing you want is to lift up a box of children’s toys, only to watch them all fall at your feet!

When you hire a professional moving company like Quality Services Moving, you don’t have to worry about packing your belongings because our qualified movers can handle all the legwork for you. We offer both full and partial packing and unpacking services, as well as a custom crating for valuables such as artwork, statues, and glasswork.

Long Distance Moving Tip #4: Don’t Bring Food Or Liquids

As your moving day approaches, you may be wondering whether or not to pack the remaining food and liquids in your refrigerator. The easy answer here is, don’t! Transporting food can be a very messy and difficult task, so try to consume all of your meats, fruits, and veggies before the big move date. Not only will packing food draw the attention of unwanted creepy crawlers during transit, but you also run the risk of spilling things on your valuables. Our professional movers have seen this happen with unsealed cans of paint and bottles of oil and we can tell you firsthand that it’s not a pretty picture. When it comes to packing perishable items, stick to canned and boxed foods, as they are much easier to move and they won’t spoil throughout your travels.

Long Distance Moving Tip #5: Switch Over Your Utilities

Many people that move to another state often forget about switching over their utilities until they are settled into their new home. If you haven’t looked into the service providers in your new state, make sure to do so before your move-in date. Depending on the utilities at your current place of residence, you may need to transfer or start a new electric, gas, phone, water, or sewage plan in your new state. If you need to cancel any of your current utility providers because they do not service your new geographic area, make sure to do so at least a month before your move. This may help you avoid unwanted cancellation penalties, not to mention it will help you avoid any conflict with the people moving into your current home.

Long Distance Moving Tip #6: Forward Your Mailing Address

Before you hop in the moving van, make sure you remember to tell the post office to forward your mailing address to your new location. The easiest way to do this is to fill out a Change of Address Form at your local post office, so they know to transfer all of your incoming mail to your new residence.

Quality Services Moving in Northern Virginia is proud to be a leading provider of long-distance moving services for residential and corporate relocation. When you work with our qualified movers, we’ll handle everything from packing and storage to vehicle transportation to ensure your moving experience is smooth and stress-free. Contact us today!