Reasons NOT to Hire a Mover

adult with back pain

Most people know that hiring a mover is a smart choice for many reasons. But, of course, it’s not for everyone. There are people out there who prefer the challenge, extra work, and logistics that come along with moving your own stuff. So, we’ve put together this list to help you decide if you really want to go with a DIY move.

Top 6 Reasons NOT to Hire a Professional Mover

  1. You love back pain

Most people who move their own belongings do not have training on how to lift items safely without getting injured. Plus, knowing how to use and leverage the right equipment is another critical part of moving. Trusted movers are part of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), and they stay trained on how to effectively and efficiently move heavy items without getting injured. Moving companies employ certified professional movers and adhere to the latest industry standards. We don’t recommend trying it yourself, especially for this reason.

  1. You’d rather skip the beach and you hate relaxing

Maybe you like working – a lot. Maybe the idea of free time makes you cringe. This could be a good reason to skip the mover and DIY it. On the other hand, people who love sunshine, beaches, summer fun, and celebrating should not try moving on their own. It’s time-consuming and there are lots of logistics to figure out yourself. It might be better to sit back and relax with that daiquiri and watch other people figure it out for you.

  1. You are passionate about rental trucks

Moving requires finding the right sized truck and hoping all your stuff fits in there. Perhaps you’d like to spend hours on a rental truck site, hoping to find the right one for your move. If it’s available, you would then cross your fingers that it arrives in clean and working condition. Then there’s driving it. That oversized rectangle of excitement can’t go on all roads and is too tall to go under some bridges. You’ll need to do your best to make sure that you don’t get stuck in a no-truck zone during your move. Or, you can hire professional movers that employ experienced drivers who do this all the time. It’s your choice.

  1. You think nicks and dents on your walls look chic and modern

Most people hate having to patch up their walls after moving furniture and inevitably chipping that unforgiving drywall. But some people might think holes, dents, scratches, and dings look hip and modern. Taste is subjective and who knows, messed up walls could be the next big thing to hit the interior design world! But, if you’re not sure you want your hallway to look like a scene from Animal House, consider hiring a professional mover.

  1. You love annoying your friends and family

It’s the classic situation. You’ve asked everyone you know to help you move and you’ve promised to buy them pizza and beer. Some have agreed to do it. But who will actually show up? Which excuses will prevail over the move? Those who do come may seem pleasant, maybe even enthusiastic. However, what will they want down the line? Asking your friends and family members to help you move is a sure way to annoy them or keep yourself indebted to them – FOR-E-VER.

  1. You’re actually part ant

According to a groundbreaking study in Entymology Today, it was discovered that ants can actually lift up to 5,000 times their own body weight. Comparatively, most humans can lift half their body weight – professional weightlifters might be able to lift double. Therefore, if you love lifting things like couches, dressers, refrigerators, or anything weighing a lot more than you, then you are probably an ant.

Our team at Quality Services Moving will always advocate for you to hire a mover for your next big move. We pride ourselves on Relocation Intelligence and understand the value of a custom consultation and the benefits of our full-scale moving, packing, and storage capabilities. Click here for a free estimate for your upcoming move.