The Essential Guide to Packing

You’ve found your dream home and closed the deal. Check! You’ve smartly booked your move with a professional mover. Check! You’ve thought of how all your furniture will look against the backdrop of fresh paint in your new place. Check! Now comes the part that many people dread: packing for the big move.

Many certified professional movers such as Quality Services Moving offer comprehensive services including packing. But some people prefer to deal with that part on their own. If you’re taking on this challenge, here are some can’t-miss packing tips to make the move a success.

Snap a Pic

Pictures are your friends! Take photos of anything that is complicated to reconfigure in your new home. This is especially useful for all those cords for your television or computer. Also, if you’re leaving a rental, take pictures of all the rooms to show the condition you are leaving them in. This will prevent the hassle of being overcharged by your landlord and put your security deposit back in your pocket where it belongs. Just remember to fill all those little nail holes before you leave!

A Little Foresight Goes a Long Way

  • Purge! Sell anything valuable that’s not ideal for your new space. Give away unused items to charity.
  • Buy your final batch of groceries about two weeks before moving. Use up all the veggies, fruit and meals in your freezer.
  • Think about what you’ll need first when you arrive at your new home. Pack these items in clear plastic boxes for easy access.
  • Change your address about two weeks in advance.

Handy-Dandy Packing Hacks

  • Socks: These can be used to wrap glasses, ornaments and other breakable items.
  • Clothes: Use your clothes to wrap plates, tray, and other kitchen items.
  • Cotton balls: Place these in makeup compacts to prevent mirrors breakage.
  • Plastic wrap: Use this under the tops of your toiletry bottles to prevent leakage.

Label, Label, Label

Make sure to clearly mark each box with your last name, its general contents and the room where the box should go. This will ensure your professional movers know exactly where to put them. Remember to put the labels on the side of each box so you can read them when stacked. Even better– use a color-coding system such as different colors of tape to create a stronger, faster visual of where each box should end up.

What NOT to Pack

Safety first! Remember not to pack the following items:

  • Chemicals like ammonia, cleaning solvents, fertilizer, bleach, paint thinners and nail polish
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Car batteries or household batteries
  • Charged scuba tanks
  • Fireworks

Before You Unpack

Head to your new place and clean the kitchens and bathrooms before you move in. This ensures a clean and sanitary environment for your things. After everything is moved out of your old home, get it ready for its new guests. Take care of the basics like wiping everything down and vacuuming. If you’re leaving a rental, ensure you are in compliance with the move-out requirements of your lease/contract.

The best piece of advice we can give is to ignore this list and hire a professional moving company to take care of the packing for you. Packing requires time, patience and foresight. In our current age of go-go-go, few people have the bandwidth to consider all the important steps involved in the moving process and do things the right way.

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