Staging Services Clifton


Selling a home? Great! One of the first things house hunters are looking for is a cozy place that they can see them selfs living. This can be accomplished by staging. Staging involves furnishing a house with furniture and decorations to make a house more appealing to potential buyers. At Quality Services Moving in Clifton, we offer staging services to help you move your staging supplies from house to house.

Between houses? No problem, we also offer storage services so that you can keep your staging items all in one place while you find a new house to sell. All of our storage services are carried out in our state of the art, climate controlled storage facility. When you keep your staging items with Quality Services Moving, you can expect complete safety as our warehouses are monitored 24 hours a day.

Need your staging supplies back? We keep all of your belongings readily available so that you can get your things back at a moments notice. If desired we also will bring your items to your new location and help you set up however you like.


  • Remove Clutter – People want to tour a clean house that looks cozy not messy.
  • Change Your Furniture & Rearrange – Different renderings of each room could vastly improve the appeal your house has on potential buyers. Moving furniture around can give rooms a whole new look.
  • Make Sure Each Room Has A Purpose – Not every room should be general purpose. House hunters want to in-vision where they will eat dinner, watch tv, and sleep, so stage each room with a purpose.
  • Make Cosmetic Updates & Repairs – New vibrant paint can help cover up old marked up walls as well as revive a house.
  • Pay Attention To Details – Make sure you don’t forget the small details like matching cabinet hardware or appliance finishes. A cohesive house that looks more unified draws more appeal.
  • Spruce Up The Outside – First impressions are everything and before potential buyers see your beautifully staged home they see the outside of your house so don’t neglect it.