Enhancing the Customer Experience

Mike Sipple
Mike Sipple, Vice President of Sales USMC MSGT -Retired

As a Certified Move Consultant and Certified Office/Industrial Consultant, I feel very much at home with residential and multi-faceted corporate jobs alike.  I believe it’s the personal interaction with our customers, as their consultant, that helps them feel more comfortable that their relocation is in good hands, whether it’s across town or across the country.

I believe that a Move Consultant should facilitate a relocation being as “transparent” to customers as possible.  By listening to my customer’s needs, and the priority of those needs, I can answer all of their relocation questions with accurate and ethical answers, and provide logistical solutions that make sense.  It is my hope to gain trust and confidence from my customers during my initial consultation, and empower their decision to trust our dedicated, independent team at Quality Services Moving.  Nothing is more satisfying to me than to realize I made someone’s relocation as stress and worry free as it could have possibly been.

How the Total Relocation Experience is different for my clients:

Having the complete administrative, technical, and logistical staff at Quality Services Moving at my disposal to properly plan and execute each of my customer’s relocations in the safest, most efficient and cost effective way possible.  Being an Independent company means no middle men, no communications delays, and no compromise in the level of service provided.

What Relocation Intelligence® means to me:

Relocation Intelligence® means addressing each customer’s unique needs with sound logistical planning, ensuring efficiency and safety are maintained at all times.  Utilizing the strong unified team at Quality Services Moving means that we can adapt quickly to customer’s plans changing, while still providing stellar customer service, far beyond the industry standard.