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Enhancing the Customer Experience

Mike Sipple
Mike Sipple, Vice President of Sales USMC MSGT -Retired

As a Certified Move Consultant and Certified Office/Industrial Consultant, I feel very much at home with residential and multi-faceted corporate jobs alike.  I believe it’s the personal interaction with our customers, as their consultant, that helps them feel more comfortable that their relocation is in good hands, whether it’s across town or across the country. I believe that a Move Consultant should facilitate a relocation being as “transparent” to customers as possible.  By listening to my customer’s needs, and the priority of those needs, I can answer all of their relocation questions with accurate and ethical answers, and provide logistical solutions that make sense.  It is my hope to gain trust and confidence from my customers during my initial consultation, and empower their decision to trust our dedicated, independent team at Quality Services Moving.  Nothing is more satisfying to me than to realize I made someone’s relocation as stress and worry free as it could have possibly been. How the Total Relocation Experience is different for my clients: Having the complete administrative, technical, and logistical staff at Quality Services Moving at my disposal to properly plan and execute each of my customer’s relocations in the safest, most efficient and cost effective way possible.  Being an Independent company means no middle men, no communications delays, and no compromise in the level of service provided.

What Relocation Intelligence® means to me:

Relocation Intelligence® means addressing each customer’s unique needs with sound logistical planning, ensuring efficiency and safety are maintained at all times.  Utilizing the strong unified team at Quality Services Moving means that we can adapt quickly to customer’s plans changing, while still providing stellar customer service, far beyond the industry standard.


In mythology, our Griffin was thought of as “king of the creatures.” In our world, the Griffin represents the strengths of QSMoving: Guardian of treasure and priceless possessions, (relocation) intelligence, military courage, and leadership

Why Move With Quality Services Moving?

Because Quality Service Sells Itself! Clean-cut and uniformed moving crews: We do not employ day labor of any kind. Many of our employees are current or former military members. All of our moving staff are trained with the American Moving and Storage Association’s training curriculum to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest and safest moving techniques. Experience: Quality Services Moving has more than 20 years of packing and moving experience in the moving and relocation business. We specialize in all elements of moving household, office, commercial and industrial goods, and will work with you one-on-one to create a customized moving plan to suit your individual needs. Free In-Home Estimates: We offer free in-home estimates with our AMSA Certified Move Consultant who will help you decide on any specialized services you may need. Need storage services? We’ve got you covered! Need assistance staging your home to help sell it? We can help there too! Personal QSM Move Consultant: Every detail of your move will be conducted under the care of your AMSA Certified Move Consultant. Our crews don’t just physically move your belongings; our moving consultants take an active role in managing the entire relocation process so your valuable belongings arrive safely and on time to their destination. Department of Defense Approved: The Department of Defense has approved Quality Services Moving & Delivery to provide moving and storage services for the Armed Forces. Our warehouse is inspected quarterly for security and cleanliness and we take tremendous pride in working with veterans and active military. Free Delivery of Materials: When you work with our professional movers, you have the option of packing your belongings yourself or hiring our professional movers to pack your things. Boxes and packing supplies will be delivered free-of-charge for our do-it-yourself customers, so you don’t have to worry about taking trips to the store for boxes, tape and packing supplies. AMSA: Quality Services Moving is an approved member of the American Moving and Storage Association. All of our movers and packers are required to undergo professional training and certification through the AMSA to not only ensure our staff is well-qualified and knowledgeable, but also up to date on the latest safety practices and regulations in the moving industry.

Quality Services Moving Earns Independent Mover of the Year Award

No matter the size of your home or the distance of your move, we offer the same personalized care and attention to detail for every customer’s needs. Our experts can facilitate your move to an apartment, house, or large estate. Get a free, personalized estimate from our experienced moving consultants who can help you relocate across the globe or just around the corner.
Whether you’re moving the newest member of your team or relocating your entire organization, Quality Services Moving brings you the latest in logistics, technology, and communication. We bring these capabilities to you in concert with our most important asset, our people. Our highly-trained drivers, crew members, logistics staff, and customer care coordinators work around the world to make sure your belongings are handled with attention and care.
At Quality Services Moving, we believe that despite the extra work that goes into moving internationally, the process should be straightforward and smooth from start to finish. We’re proud to offer full-scale residential, corporate, and government international moving services in Northern Virginia and around the globe.
Moving without a lot of notice? Quality Services Moving has more than 100,000 square feet of secure, clean, and temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse facilities to store your items until they’re ready to be transported. We are your one-stop-shop for your storage and moving requirements, and we don’t use third-party vendors.


Quality Services Moving has more than 20 years of packing and moving experience. We strive to make the moving process as smooth as possible, whether you’re moving down the street or across the country. We specialize in all elements of moving household, office, commercial and industrial goods, and will work with you one-on-one to create a customized moving plan to suit your individual needs. We are dedicated to your satisfaction from the moment you contact us for a quote all the way through to when you unpack the last box in your new home. If you need assistance with senior moving in the Northern Virginia area, contact us today at (888) 776-6846 for your free estimate!