Top 10 Reasons to Downsize

You bought the dream house and raised a family there. House-trained a half dozen puppies there.  It was the backdrop for countless Thanksgiving dinners.  In that space, you cleaned up bags and bags of holiday wrapping paper while you watched in disbelief as the happy faces of your young children quickly transformed into those of adults.  Face it—you’re an empty nester and you no longer need all that space.

Now what? Well, for starters, you don’t need to pay for a larger space if you’re not going to use it. With all the maintenance and upkeep, from cleaning to yard work, your dream home slowly turns into a headache as it ages and begs for major repairs and upgrades.

What Is Downsizing?

The idea of ‘downsizing’ is influencing new standards of living and encouraging people to believe that less is more. Today, many are venturing into this new lifestyle, starting with their homes. Investing in a smaller home is practical and lets you declutter your life spatially and mentally.

Why Downsize?

  1. You Don’t Need the Big House Anymore

Having a property that’s too big for your needs means spending time looking after areas of a property that are no longer being used.

  1. Reduce Your Costs

Downsizing could mean ditching that mortgage and reducing other living costs like utility bills. You can put these savings towards retirement, in the bank, or for some much-needed travel!

  1. Fund Retirement

Speaking of retirement, downsizing could give you the opportunity to retire early or just use those funds for your day-to-day living.

  1. Join the Movement

The tiny house movement is taking off across the world. People are finding the benefits of downsizing and running with them in homes that are less than 500 square feet!

  1. Pay Off Debts

That extra money can also go towards paying off other debts. Downsizing can help you regain control of your financial future by freeing up funds wasted on house expenses.

  1. Trade in the Big Home, For Two!

Maybe you’re an avid traveler and are dying to invest in that French flat.  Buying abroad is a bucket list dream for many but some can actually make that dream come true through downsizing!

  1. Less Environmental Impact

A smaller property reduces carbon footprint and minimizes energy use.

  1. Simpler Life

Moving from a larger home forces you to purge and prioritize belongings you may have been hoarding. And again, less time cleaning and maintaining a larger property can simplify and streamline your life.

  1. You Don’t Want Too Much Capital Tied to One Home

Having all your money tied up in one property can worry some people in case they need to access a large amount of money quickly. Downsizing releases money into savings or for investments.

  1. Fewer Temptations to Buy Stuff

Less space means less temptation to buy new items that you don’t need that will inevitably clutter your space.

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