Long Distance Moves in Bethel VA

Long-Distance / Interstate Moving in Bethel VA


Leaving Bethel? Choose your local professionals at Quality Moving Services to help you on your journey! Moving to a new county or across state lines can be very daunting, challenging, and exciting! When you or your family moves long distance it provides a feeling of starting fresh. When you move interstate you will gain new neighbors, new friends, a new job, and a new house! Once settled in you can relax but long moves require a lot of work and coordination in order to get there, but don’t stress! At Quality Moving Services, we are experts at moving long distances.


Long distance moving can be hard and tedious between coordinating your schedule, changing your billing address, and saying good by to friends/ family, so let us help you with the rest. Between our years of experience and rigorous training, our certified professionals have developed a straightforward process for moving long distance. This process includes:

  • Receiving your free estimate
  • Getting assigned one of our certified moving consultants
  • Packing your valuables
  • Storing any desired items
  • The move itself
  • And finally unpacking!


When moving long distances we will help as much as we can and will help you along the way. However, moving away from Bethel is tough and and can be a hassle if not properly planned. We know that our customers might not be moving professionals like us, so here are some tips on how to efficiently plan your move from Bethel.

  • Do your research
  • Pack early
  • Stay organized
  • Don’t pack your essentials